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by Tony Riker

July 19, 2000

Re your USMS History Project and the article in Swim Magazine, this is to inform you that Irving Weber died in February 1997 at the age of 96. He resided in a nursing home in Iowa City, Iowa. I received a note from him just before he died. He indicated that he swam until the 85 yr. old bracket at which time his doctor I don't want you pushing your luck!"

He was a very colorful character around Iowa City and a living legend. As a former University of Iowa swimmer, I have many fond memories of Irving. I do not know what additional information you may want, but there is information on him in the Swimming Hall of Fame.

I first met him as the starter for our swim meets and his involvement with the Dolphin Club, which was comprised of swimmer and gymnasts. He sponsored an ice cream eating contest every year for the members, which I won three times in a row. Of course, in his last letter, Irving did note that I was not able to break for the record for the most ice cream consumed in two hours.

Tony Riker , 11/8/99