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How to Develop a Successful Masters Swim Club

So you’ve just started a USMS program. Or maybe you’re a new coach at an existing program and not sure what to do next. Our Building a Successful Swim Program guide is a great place to start. Also check out our Adult Swim Program Resources guide. In addition, our club and coach services staff can provide assistance to any registered club or workout group across the country.

Bill Brenner, Chief Operating Officer and Education Director
Phone: 941-556-6278 |

Marianne Groenings, Director, Events and Programs
Phone: 941-556-6283 |

Holly Neumann, Manager, Adult Learn to Swim & Foundation Programs
Phone: 941-556-6285 |

Mel Goldstein, Education Coordinator
Phone: 317-253-8289 |

Marketing Resources

Everyone loves USMS stuff—use these great USMS logo items as giveaways for your swimmers and to generate buzz at your facility: swim caps, stickers, luggage tags, cling decals for your car. Fly your USMS colors with pride!


Vinyl banners are available for any location that offers a USMS program. These 3-foot by 6-foot co-branded banners, with club logo and the USMS logo, can be hung at your facility to bring attention to your adult swimming program, or you can take it to a swim meet or other event and show your club pride.


Most likely, your program is located in a facility* that caters to the public or a larger membership. We have full-color informational brochures and signage so potential members know about the quality adult swim program you’re offering.

*If you represent a facility and are interested in learning more, please email to find out how a Masters Swimming program can benefit your facility. You can also request a 4" x 6" Facility Sticker to place around your facility letting patrons know "Adult Swimming Programs Are Offered Here". 


USMS has developed templates to help you promote your swimming activities and special events. These flyers can be attached to emails, posted on your website, and sent to your local press. Printed flyers can be posted at strategic locations in your community, such as swim shops, bike and running stores, or nutritional supplement outlets, anywhere athletes or potential swimmers gather.

Other Reference Documents



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