Become a Masters Coach

Do you love sharing knowledge, teaching others, and giving back to the sport you love? Do you get excited when a teammate masters a new technique? Do you always seem to be the leader of your workout group? Are you the one who writes the workouts? If yes, you might make a good Masters coach.

Masters Coach Certification

USMS provides an educational program for Masters coaches. The course, developed by Masters coaches, educates coaches working with adult fitness, open water, triathlon, and competitive swimmers. Whether you're new to coaching or are an experienced coach seeking professional development, the education program will help you make the most of the Masters Swimming experience.

The course is not a requirement to be a Masters coach. However, it is a requirement if you wish to become certified as a Masters coach. Coach certification comes with many benefits in addition to becoming a better coach and a better swimmer. Once certified, you’ll be eligible for our USMS-Certified Masters Coach designation.

USMS-Certified Masters Coach Designation

Once you've become a certified coach, we recommend that you renew your USMS-Certified Masters Coach designation each year. This will ensure that you continue to receive the recognition and opportunities designed for our professional Masters coaches.

Coaches who successfully complete any USMS coach certification class can purchase the USMS-Certified Masters Coach designation, which costs $30 per year.* This optional designation may be purchased during online registration or by updating membership at any time during the registration year. Beginnning in 2016, members who complete Level 1 and 2 coach certification will receive the designation as part of their tuition for the remainder of the calendar year in which the course was completed. Coaches with the USMS-Certified Masters Coach designation will be eligible for certain benefits, including:

  • Name and current level of certification listed at on the USMS-Certified Masters Coaches page
  • Special sponsor partner discounts
  • Access to stroke drill videos on the USMS website
  • One-on-one support from USMS’s program services department
  • STREAMLINES for Coaches monthly eNewsletter
  • Discounts on USMS continuing education courses
  • Eligibility for hospitality passes at the USMS Spring and Summer National Championship events (other requirements apply)
  • Select volunteer opportunities and special coaching assignments at the FINA World Masters and Pan-American Masters Championships
  • Teaching opportunities in the Masters track at the ASCA World Clinic

+++IMPORTANT—NEW for 2016+++

Beginning with the 2016 membership year we’re eliminating the “Recognized Coach” designation that any coach, USMS-certified or not, was able to purchase. In its place we’ve created the above-described USMS-Certified Masters Coach designation, which will be available only to coaches who’ve achieved USMS Coach Certification Levels 1, 2, 3, or 4. 

For questions about all Masters coach educational programs and certification, contact Marianne Groenings, Director, Events and Programs 

*Any eligible member who selects both the USMS-Certified ALTS Instructor and the USMS-Certified Masters Coach designations will receive the benefits of both designations for the annual fee of $30.

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