Course Outlines

Level 1 - Coaching Basics

Chapter 1: Characteristics of a Successful Masters Coach
Chapter 2: Understanding the Adult Learner
Chapter 3: Coaching Triathlon and Open Water Swimmers
Chapter 4: Writing Workouts
Chapter 5: Basic Business Practices
Chapter 6: Marketing

Level 2 - Stroke School

Chapter 1: Stroke Correction and Development
Chapter 2: Backstroke
Chapter 3: Butterfly
Chapter 4: Breaststroke
Chapter 5: Freestyle
Chapter 6: Starts, Turns and Transitions

Level 3 - Administration

Chapter 1:  Developing Coaching Leadership
Chapter 2:  Program Management
Chapter 3:  Building a Budget
Chapter 4:  Building a Program Support Structure
Chapter 5:  Event Planning and Administration
Chapter 6:  Safety and Risk Management
Chapter 7:  Special Populations and Considerations for Adult Athletes
Chapter 8:  Dryland Training
Chapter 9:  Nutrition
Chapter 10: Injury Prevention

Level 4 - Designation

Level 4 certification is based on the criteria set forth by the USMS Coaches Committee. Candidates for Level 4 must register and submit the Level 4 application, with supporting documentation, to a designated review panel. The body of work is scored on a point system in the areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Contributions
  • Education
  • Achievement
  • Growth and retention 

The annual submission window for Level 4 certification can be found on the certification class schedule page with a link to registration when available.

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