Encouraging More Adults to Swim
How To Apply For a Grant

The Swimming Saves Lives Foundation grant application window is open from May to July. Apply here.

The application will ask you about your program and your instructors. Be ready to answer questions like: How many swimmers do you plan to serve? Where will you hold your lessons? What is your proposed budget? Are you and your instructors USMS-certified Adult Learn-to-Swim instructors? If not, what curriculum and method do you intend to use?

Grant winners will be notified in October. Funds awarded will be for use in the following calendar year.

We encourage all applicants to attend a USMS-ALTS certification course and participate in April is Adult Learn to Swim Month or a similar activity. Be sure to tell us how a grant from the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation can help take your swim-lessons program to the next level, or just help you get off the ground. We accept applications from all swim instructors, facilities, and programs that want to help make more adults safer around water.

If you have questions about the grant application or process, please contact Holly Neumann at hneumann@usmastersswimming.org.

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