Start a USMS Program

Do you live in an area that doesn’t have a USMS club or workout group? Are you interested in starting one at your pool? Are you a facility director seeking programming for your aquatic facility? USMS can help.

There are more than 1,500 USMS adult swimming programs throughout the United States. They are located in YMCAs, parks and rec centers, Jewish Community Centers, community colleges, universities and private athletic clubs. Some of the programs are run by the facilities, some by coaches or clubs who rent pool space. Some USMS programs don’t use a pool at all—their members practice only in open water.

Pretty much anywhere you can find swimmable water, you can find swimmers. And USMS programs can be created to suit the goals of any group of adult swimmers, whether they want to swim for fun, fitness, weight loss, competition, or all of the above. The Club and Coach Services division at the USMS National Office can help you start and strategically develop your program. Contact director Bill Brenner with any questions.

For additional information, read our Building a Successful Swim Program guide to starting and maintaining a viable, self-sustaining adult fitness swim program. The Adult Swim Program Resources guide is also available for aquatic directors, facility administrators, program coordinators, swim instructors and coaches.

Register a Club or Workout Group

To register a new USMS club or workout group, go to the Club/Workout Group Registration page. The fee to register a club is $43, plus any additional fees your LMSC may impose. If your LMSC has a regional club, you may choose to become a workout group of that club, rather than a stand-alone club. The fee to register a workout group is $43, plus any additional fees your LMSC may impose.

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